Defamatory news about our company, associated companies, and their representatives have been posted on the Internet for days, in particular about Mr. Marcello Gianferotti. News falsely published as being about us and then widely distributed on the Internet and on WhatsApp by several persons who are shady, to say the least.According to this news, our organization and Marcello Gianferotti are engaging in fraud.

Ironically, no legal action exists or has been taken against me or the company, against any company of our group, nor against companies related to us and/or our agents.

We would like to make clear and point out that the only FRAUD or malicious intent stem from the false news and the people who are spreading it. It has been put forth by people who have nothing to claim from us and are well known by us and have already been properly sued (before the Public Prosecutor of Rome, the Public Prosecutor of Pescara and in the USA where a deceptive blog was created. In Switzerland we have already completed the procedure which resulted in the bankruptcy of the company of one of the people responsible for the on-going computer fraud). If this were not the case, these people who have allegedly been defrauded would have taken legal action in order to recover what they could possibly claim through a regular civil action.

These people have been excluded from our group for some time as a result of embezzlement, stolen documents and several awkward attempts at blackmail.

We are not intimidated by this news as our business, our lives and the facts related to them speak for themselves and no false news could ever damage them.

Should anyone need documented proof, he/she can contact us privately and will be satisfied.

After due presentation, anyone can write to our email address to request and receive all necessary documents.

We do not need to hide behind false and anonymous publications. We have no problem whatsoever to discuss and document the facts.

We hereby declare that whoever provides untrue information in our name or propagates false information that damages our reputation will promptly be reported to the competent judicial authorities.

Best regards

The B.O.D.